What Is PowerMatch™?

Are you tired of feeling like just another number in the dating scene?

Are you ready to take your search for a meaningful relationship to the next level?

Look no further than Powermate®, the premier relationship-building agency that's dedicated to helping you find your perfect match.

At Powermate®, we pride ourselves on our signature approach to relationships. We believe that every client is unique, and that's why all of our services are customized and personalized to meet your specific needs. Our proprietary matchmaking process - PowerMatch™ - has been crafted to assist us in analyzing your preferences and identifying your personality type, so that we may best discover your most favorable match.

One of the key components of our PowerMatch™ process is our uniquely designed Powermate® Personality ID personality assessment. This assessment sets us apart from other dating agencies, by allowing us to match you with someone who complements your personality and lifestyle needs. No more generic matches or wasted time on dates that don't meet your criteria - with Powermate®, you can trust that you'll be connected with someone who truly understands and appreciates you.

So why settle for anything less than the best? Join the ranks of our satisfied clients and let us help you find the relationship you've been dreaming of.

Contact us today to learn more about our personalized services and start your journey to finding your perfect Powermate® match.

  • Elite Matchmaking Service For Busy Professionals Seeking Long-Term Love
  • Client Search To Find Your Lifelong Companion
  • Powermate® Unique 360° Approach
  • Team of Expert Coaches Who Offer Pre-Date and Relationship Coaching
  • Discreet, Personalized Attention To Help You Find Your Powermate®

Who Should Work With Us?

  • You Are A Busy Professional With Limited Time So You Don't Want To Find Dates On Your Own

  • You Have Not Dated In A While And Want To Re-Enter The Dating Scene

  • You Have A Goal For A Long-Term Relationship Or Marriage

  • You want to take all the precautions when it comes to dating but don't want to do it on your own

  • You Are Coachable And Open To Implementing A New Approach

  • You want to improve your dating and relationship skills so that you will stop wasting time dating the wrong person

  • You Struggle With Trusting That You Will Choose The Right Partner For You

  • You Desire Exclusivity and Privacy In Your Search For Love

If This List Sounds A Lot Like You, We Invite You To GET STARTED With Our PowerMatch™ Application Process.

What Is The Process?

1. Submit your Application

2. Your Application Is Reviewed By Our Team

3. You Are Contacted Within 48 Hrs. with a Decision and Next Steps


We provide matchmaking services personally designed to accommodate busy, successful professionals who are seeking long-term love.

Powermate® Personality ID

Stand out and get matched with someone who complements your personality and lifestyle needs.


“May 5, 2020, you guys had me do this as a part of the Love Challenge; now these are my wedding vows.”


“I AM ENGAGED...Many shouts out to Rio and Micca for coaching me through the process and all types of emotions. The work doesn't stop. I will continue working with them”

D. Jefferies

“I joined the Powermate community and subsequently participated in the Book Study of Exposed; Love Unstuck. Now, I am in a relationship that exudes all the qualities that I had always dreamt of and hoped for, with my forever person who is complementary to me as we also, support and assists in each other's growth and our growth as a couple.”

R. Cayonne

Meet The Founders

Rio and Micca Watkins

We teach Healthy Relationships + Leadership

We've both been married, divorced, and made a decision to heal so that we could create the healthy relationship we knew we deserved.

We met online, had a long-distance relationship that worked for 5 months before ever meeting in person, and got married within one year. We chose to Date Different!

We understood that all relationships look different and made a decision that a healthy relationship with each other was what we wanted. So we put a plan in place and took action.

Now we are committed to matching you with your person and coaching you into long-term love!

Ways you can work with us: Schedule A Personalized Dating Audit, Books (3x Best Selling Authors), DIY courses, Join Our Powermate Prep Membership, Become A Matchmaking Client, Join Our Database, Listen To The Love Ting Podcast, Book Us To Speak.

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