What Is PowerMatch™?

Powermate® is a premier relationship-building agency known for its signature approach to relationships. All of our services are customized and personalized to meet your unique needs. Our proprietary matchmaking process - PowerMatch™ has been crafted to assist us in analyzing your preferences and identifying your personality type so that we may best discover your most favorable match. A key component of that process is our uniquely designed Powermate® Personality ID personality assessment - it allows us to stand out from other dating agencies by matching you with someone who complements your personality and lifestyle needs.

  • Elite Matchmaking Service For Busy Professionals Seeking Long-Term Love
  • Client Search To Find Your Lifelong Companion
  • Powermate® Unique 360° Approach
  • Team of Expert Coaches Who Offer Pre-Date and Relationship Coaching
  • Discreet, Personalized Attention To Help You Find Your Powermate®

Who Should Work With Us?

  • You Are A Busy Professional With Limited Time So You Don't Want To Find Dates On Your Own

  • You Have Not Dated In A While And Want To Re-Enter The Dating Scene

  • You Have A Goal For A Long-Term Relationship Or Marriage

  • You want to take all the precautions when it comes to dating but don't want to do it on your own

  • You Are Coachable And Open To Implementing A New Approach

  • You want to improve your dating and relationship skills so that you will stop wasting time dating the wrong person

  • You Struggle With Trusting That You Will Choose The Right Partner For You

  • You Desire Exclusivity and Privacy In Your Search For Love

If This List Sounds A Lot Like You, We Invite You To GET STARTED With Our PowerMatch™ Application Process.

What Is The Process?

1. Submit your Application

2. Your Application Is Reviewed By Our Team

3. You Are Contacted Within 48 Hrs. with a Decision and Next Steps


We provide matchmaking services personally designed to accommodate busy, successful professionals who are seeking long-term love.

Powermate® Personality ID

Stand out and get matched with someone who complements your personality and lifestyle needs.


“May 5, 2020, you guys had me do this as a part of the Love Challenge; now these are my wedding vows.”


“I AM ENGAGED...Many shouts out to Rio and Micca for coaching me through the process and all types of emotions. The work doesn't stop. I will continue working with them”

D. Jefferies

“I joined the Powermate community and subsequently participated in the Book Study of Exposed; Love Unstuck. Now, I am in a relationship that exudes all the qualities that I had always dreamt of and hoped for, with my forever person who is complementary to me as we also, support and assists in each other's growth and our growth as a couple.”

R. Cayonne

Meet The Founders

Rio and Micca Watkins

We teach Healthy Relationships + Leadership

We've both been married, divorced, and made a decision to heal so that we could create the healthy relationship we knew we deserved.

We met online, had a long-distance relationship that worked for 5 months before ever meeting in person, and got married within one year. We chose to Date Different!

We understood that all relationships look different and made a decision that a healthy relationship with each other was what we wanted. So we put a plan in place and took action.

Now we are committed to matching you with your person and coaching you into long-term love!

Ways you can work with us: Schedule A Personalized Dating Audit, Books (3x Best Selling Authors), DIY courses, Join Our Powermate Prep Membership, Become A Matchmaking Client, Join Our Database, Listen To The Love Ting Podcast, Book Us To Speak.

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